Welcome Aviators!

The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Women in Aviation, International (SFBA-WAI) is a nonprofit chapter founded in 2003 at Palo Alto Airport. Our group is dedicated to bringing together Bay Area aviation interests and providing networking, education, mentoring and outreach. All women and men who wish to share their personal and professional interests in aviation are always welcome and encouraged to join.

SFBA is a chapter of our international organization- Women in Aviation, International (WAI). Unlike other aviation groups, there are no requirements to join, such as being a pilot, working in the industry, etc. WAI offers men and women the opportunity to join whether you are an aviation professional, fly for fun or simply enjoy aircraft. There’s something for everyone here! Each year, WAI holds an annual conference that always proves to be memorable and hands out hundreds of thousands of dollars in aviation scholarships. We encourage everyone to take a minute to learn more about Women in Aviation, International: http://www.wai.org/